What is the best quality television brand?

The TV market has changed a lot recently, both in terms of technology and prices. The new type of screen with the Organic Diode (OLED) panel (OLED) and Ultra-High-Definition (UHD, or 4K) replaces the 1080p standard we have used. But which should you buy? Here are the main points that need to be considered when shopping for new sets and the best TV that we have tested.

Best 4k TV

The TV resolution question is used between 720p options (1,280 times 720 resolution, or only below one million pixels) and 1080p (1,920 times 1,080, or more than two million pixels). Then he moved to 1080p versus Ultra HD, or 4K (3,840 x 2,160, with eight million pixels). Now it’s no longer a question: 4K has become a standard for medium-sized television and more excellent than every major manufacturer.

Higher-resolution no longer ordered a large premium, and you can now find a 65-inch 4K TV for under $ 1,000. Realistically, you will find it challenging to find a TV from the leading brand that is greater than 40 inches that are not 4k. Every TV on this list is 4k.

Hisense 65H9F.

This is an excellent TV to watch movies on HDR. Hisense 65H9F has perfect contrast, a decent local dimming feature, and extraordinary HDR peak brightness. It only has decent black uniformity, and bloom can be a problem in the dark scene. It can have a sizeable wide color gamut and can play 24p content without judder.


LG CX OLED is the best 4K smart TV and the best TV as a whole, with a fantastic view, the Google Built-in assistant, Support Amazon Alexa, and many other intelligent features. From LG’s WebOS 5.0 to the addition of smart home control and intuitive remote motion control, it is one of the most stylish TVs we have ever seen.

LG has increased on outstanding OLED with a more robust processor, the addition of Dolby Vision IQ (which adjusts HDR performance based on lighting around), and adds sound with AI-powered audio settings.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635)

TCL 6-series Roku TV (R635) offers excellent value for affordable prices, delivering premium image quality and an extraordinary smart TV experience for competition. As the best mainstream smart TV, TCL R635 up the ante with a mini LED backlight besides QLED. The result is unique color and brightness, with some of the best HDR performance we have ever seen on whatever side of the OLED display.

But TCL continues to provide more, such as Thx’s certified game mode, which makes 6-series one of the best gaming TVs available, even for consoles that have not been released like PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Sony Bravia A8H OLED

Sony Bravia A8H OLED is our primary choice when a perfect image and sound is what you want. With the best color, very sharp details, and the latest version of the Android TV we have ever seen, there is a lot to be loved about the new Sony OLED. We expect great things from OLED TV, but the Sony A8H has more than just a beautiful 4K picture, with an impressive X Sony clarity movement powered by the Ultimate X1 image processor. Perfect images are matched by the return of acoustic surface audio, which offers better audio than before, directly from the screen.

Vizio OLED TV.

Vizio OLED TV is the most affordable OLED TV on the market, and the first offer a premium alternative less than offers from LG and Sony to buyers in the United States. Selling for hundreds of dollars less than the competition, Vizio OLED packs many smart features next to the 4K OLED screen and provides a type of premium image quality, which usually costs more expensive.

Vizio’s Smartcast Smart TV Platform has also expanded significant application selection and all the main applications you might want – from Netflix to Disney + – available right on TV.

Samsung Q80T QLED TV

The Samsung Q80T TV combines enhanced quantum-dot images, smart features, strong quantum processors, and impressive object tracking sounds to make one of the most resilient Samsung QLED sets. We were very impressed with the perfect color and HDR performance quality, even though you should accept that Samsung TV does not offer Dolby’s vision support. Other great features? Besides Samsung’s Bixby Voice Assistant, you can set up the TV with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, with or without smart speakers.


Evaluating TVS is about more than just kicking back watching movies. Site test each TV lab, measure color gamut, color accuracy, and brightness to objectively see which set is the best for this leading indicator. They also try the lag time – the main details for playing games – measure to milliseconds how long it takes the source’s content to the screen. They use this result to make numbers-based comparisons about color quality and display.

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