Birth Horoscope 101

I talk a lot about birth charts and astrological astrology here, so if you are wondering what it’s all about, this article is for you. The birth astrology is based on the creation of a geocentric horoscope that maps the positions of the stars and constellations with the earth as center. More specifically, in birth astrology the map is based on the time of a person’s birth and their location on the planet.

This birth chart, in turn, serves as a kind of astrological fingerprint for the individual. Just like fingerprints, a person’s birth chart is highly unique and individual, and can be used in the hands of a skilled astrologer to reveal very detailed information about their personality and under psychology.

A thorough reading on astrological astrology will tell you a lot about how a person deals with life, whether it is family life and growing up, their career and how they handle money / finances, their approach to love and romance, or how they struggle with life and death. Natal astrology can also warn us about hidden issues that could hamper our success or draw our attention to areas of our personal or professional life that need to be worked on.

Worried about spending too much time partying and enjoying the good life, and working feels like a big job? Get a birth lecture and see what happens to Venus and your 5th and 10th house, you get valuable insights.

Are you uncomfortably in love? Do you feel like your brain is ruining your romance? View what happened to Mercury and Venus in your birth chart and peak in the 7th house.

Does that coveted promotion help you pass by? Do you feel that your success is being fooled? Find a copy of your birth card and see what happened to Jupiter when you were born; while you are busy, take a look at your 2nd home.

Remember that when it comes to birth astrology, time is paramount; the most accurate and detailed birth readings can only be achieved if the precise birth of a person is known. The further the birth time is (and don’t be fooled, a few minutes can make a big difference!), The less accurate the reading will be.

And don’t start thinking that the stars have predetermined the course of your life. That is certainly not the case. The only thing the stars do is point out what kind of natural forces are already at work in your life.

If you check the news and hear that a cold front and a warm front are going to meet and cause heavy rain showers, that does not mean that you are destined to get wet. At the end of the day these are natural forces and you are a person with power to choose how to deal with and respond to such natural forces. Your birth chart only helps to show the way.

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