Responsive web design

Responsive web design

We at can only say one thing: responsive web design is a hot item. The term was created in 2010 by Ethan Marcotte on the web log A List Apart. He became aware of the fact that more and more commercial companies switched to a website that is accessible to all electronic devices that use the internet. It was in that time that the smart phone was just on the market. It is a device that can no longer be ignored from our streets. At the time it was not used that often, we are talking about the nineties, because the device was still very expensive, there were not many apps on the market yet and because the internet in the form of Wi-Fi was still very slow. Were you still a happy man or woman and did you already have one? Then you will undoubtedly know very well that little has been done about responsive web design. Loading sites on your screen took a long time, but that was not even the biggest problem. The sites were loaded as if it were intended for a screen of a personal computer or a laptop. The site did not yet recognize that we were dealing with a screen of mini-format. Much too small to show the site in its full glory. The scrolling was something that took a lot of time and it was often not yet possible to minimize the screen so that it could be made a lot clearer. When companies got this, they started looking for solutions to this problem more and more often. Not much later than the smart phone, there was also an intermediate form on the market that was going to do very well to the general public: the tablet. Here too, the search for responsive web design was in full swing, especially when it became apparent that this format screen was also reaching a huge number of people.

Handy responsive web design

Now we have not explained what responsive web design is exactly, but you may already have read it between the lines. Responsive web design means looking for a way in which the website of a company for all electronic devices can be displayed clearly, simply and effectively. A laptop or monitor does not shoot anything with small print and a site that only works with the aid of a touch screen, while that for the tablet and the smart phone does. In addition, it is much more convenient for a smart phone and a tablet to work with apps. Of course you can still use a browser on the site of a company, but if you have a special app to develop, and with us you are at the right address, it is even easier for users to access the website . This is a lot more interactive and one could easily look up all sorts of information with the help of the app. If you have a web shop built on your site, then you can also implement that web store in the app. And that way you beat many birds with one stone. That is what responsive web design all contents. You will understand that many companies do responsive web design, or outsource this to a reputable company like ours. We can completely rebuild the site so that it will give a clear overview for every screen. If you are now interested in responsive web design, you can easily get in touch with us. Please visit the above mentioned site and fill out the contact form. We will then let you know immediately what we can do for you.

Sites at the right scale level – responsive web design

The dimensions play a major role in responsive web design. There are certain limits within which it is wise to stay in terms of screen size. The men and women who are with us in the responsive web design team know that like no other and would like to do responsive web design for your site. This way you can quickly benefit from a large business because you will find it easier on all electronic equipment. We can also be spawned for other internet abilities. In addition to responsive web design, we can, among other things, mean the following for you:

  • We can make your first website, but we can also renovate it. You pass on what your wishes are and we create a beautiful site around it. Be sensible and opt for the total package of possibilities. That means including responsive web design and search engine optimization. A web shop there and it will certainly pay off.
  • We certainly do search engine optimization. This can be done in various ways, including writing seo texts or link building. We manage all the tricks of the trade to precision so that you will end up high in Google in no time if you search for the right keywords.
  • We also do internet marketing, that is the way to find out where you can get the most profit.

You read it, in addition to responsive web design we do so much more. We hope to convince you that you will certainly be able to reap the benefits if you want to do business with us. We are already ready for it. Responsive web design is the way to make it easier for your customers, so do not wait too long and be ahead of the competition.