Bamboo- and wooden sunglasses are trending

Armani, Prada, Ray-Ban: almost every famous sunglasses brand has bamboo or wooden sunglasses in its collection. And that is badly needed. Because the pollution of plastic sunglasses is huge.

About five years ago, the trend of sustainable sunglasses began to form. Especially small companies in Tyrol started experimenting with the designs for wooden glasses. That was quite difficult: making comfortable glasses of such material is not easy. There are cheap wooden glasses on the market where it seems like they have been edited with the coping saw. This does not apply to the sunglasses of the brands mentioned of course. But it is certainly not easy: the material works and loses its fit, it is hard and can not be adjusted by the optician. In addition, it must be treated in such a way that it does not get unsightly from sweat, skin moisture and, for example, make-up. Plus: it should not dry out, because then it could burst and, also handy, the glasses must be mounted.

Celebrities with wooden- and bamboo sunglasses

Problems that have been solved successfully, so that the big brands are also taking the trend. So Ray-Ban comes with a wooden version of the already existing Clubmaster model. Two years of research was done on the best method for the wood, the model is there in cherry, maple, walnut wood and soon also in bamboo, in the right way to process. The glasses are covered with rubber on the inside and the outside has a special coating, which makes the wood resistant to external influences. Celebrities have already been noticed with these eco-friendly sunglasses.

A trend that is of course important in the issue of sustainability today, in which the use of recycled and responsible materials is important. But for some time, eyeglasses are great for experimenting with. There are also glasses of surprising materials such as velvet, denim, slate, leaves and bamboo. The sunglasses have become an important fashion accessory and the designers are creative in the use of surprising materials.


But there are also disadvantages. You have to take good care of your sunglasses, but that actually applies to every pair of glasses. And a really nice wooden glasses is not really cheap due to the complex production process and the many manual work. With cheap glasses, you quickly run the risk of the material becoming out of date too quickly and the fit is lost.

However, we suspect that, in view of the appearance, the wooden glasses will remain for the real enthusiast who wants to stand out. You can see the grain and the different types of wood – such as bamboo – create a different color and pattern. Of course it is still quite exclusive, but that is the nice thing about it. 

MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses

MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses is one of the shops where eco-friendly sunglasses made from bamboo can be bought. We make every effort to ensure that the durable sunglasses have a perfect design. Because these sunglasses are made of bamboo, all frames are different. When you buy bamboo sunglasses, you buy durable sunglasses with a unique individual quality. Even though the design is the same as that of a friend of yours. These different individual characteristics can be clearly seen in the grain structure of the bamboo. This also differs from sunglasses to sunglasses. Because the bamboo sunglasses can not be recreated, the glasses have an individuality and a unique quality that ensures that your sunglasses are really a part of you and not something that everyone else has.

All our products are made by hand as much as possible. This way we can guarantee the quality of the sunglasses. With eyewear from MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses you can be sure that you have something unique in your hands.